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A perfect healthy supper

A perfect healthy supper

A supper is one of the two most often missed meals during the day (next to the breakfast), which is a big mistake, especially for those who are on a diet. A light and nutritious supper will protect you from evening snacking and help maintain the right metabolism level.

Not eating at all is never a good option. It often brings a completely opposite result. The body stores the fat for a period of time when it will not have the access to the energy source. A healthy supper must consist of other products than breakfast. Surely it cannot contain a lot of simple carbohydrates and fats, because the body will not be able to burn them before sleep. The last meal should consist more of protein. This ingredient will not be stored in the body as a body fat, but will be used to regenerate muscle fibers tired after all daytime exercising.

It is the best to make a supper consisting of  the protein with an addition of some complex carbohydrates. This way you will provide  your body with the right amount of calories that will protect from unnecessary body fat storing.

Important: For the supper, you should eat such products like:

  • skimmed milk,
  • dairy products
  • vegetables
  • dark bread
  • light meat for example chicken.

It is a good idea to eat a cottage cheese with vegetables for a supper. It has the right amount of protein and with the addition of radish, lettuce or tomatoes, the cottage cheese will be a delicious meal for the dinner. You can eat it with a dark bread. Healthy supper does not have to be boring and tasteless. Choose the right products that will not overload our digestive system at night and will not accumulate the fat. The ideal supper should be eaten 2-3 hours before sleep.

Important: You should not eat such products as:

  • sweets,
  • greasy meat,
  • fast food,
  • sausages
  • processed cheese

Of course, you should avoid eating products that contain a lot of fats, simple sugars and are digestible. Also you should not go for simple carbohydrates so forget about white bread, fruit, fast food, high-processed products, fried products, fries. If you drink a cup of tea with your supper- try to drink it 30 minutes after the meal, otherwise it will interfere with the metabolism.

If you feel like having a protein shake after your late night work-out, you can go for it, but make sure you don’t drink it just before going to sleep. It will supply your body with a substantial dose of protein without the additional fat, carbs or sugar. Use this myprotein Discount Code to get the access to the best nutrition supplier in UK and save some money on your shopping.

The supper not only affects the fast metabolism but also the quality of our sleep. Properly composed a full-body protein supper will help you sleep better and even lose sleep while you sleep!

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