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What do the sports newbies forget about?

What do the sports newbies forget about?

Summer makes people be more eager to do sports and work out. Many of us dream of a beautiful silhouette for those warm months so we start with some intense workouts. What is the biggest mistake made by many seasoned sports?

During summer you can see more and more people running, doing aerobics and strength training at the gyms. No matter what sport discipline you choose, to get visible results and change the shape of the body you need to remember that the key to success is the regularity. A month of intensive exercises before going to on holidays might not always help with achieving the dream body shape. The biggest mistake of seasoned sports, however, is a dangerous approach to exercise. There are some people who expect miracles and fast progress, that can easily lead to an overload or an injury. It is common for freshers to forget about the warm-up, which should be carried out before each workout. Warm-up is a very important, but often forgotten element of the training routine. If you skip that part or you do it carelessly, you can end up with an injury.

The benefits of warm-ups

Let’s have a look on the benefits that warm-up gives your whole body:

  • Raising an overall body temperature,
  • Increasing blood flow,
  • Suppling the muscles with the oxygen
  • Increasing muscle contraction speed and reaction time,
  • Better concentration and attention on exercises

It allows you to increase your body temperature, speed up your heartbeat, and properly prepare your body for the effort that awaits you.


This part is even more commonly omitted than the warm-up.  Stretching before and after training is just as important as the warm-up. It accelerates muscle regeneration and growth, reduces sore muscles, increases the joint mobility, and improves body’s immunity against motion injuries due to yet imperfect technique.

Stretching after workout is an integral part of training routine. You should never forget about if you count on good results and want to take good care of your health  and save many problems. With some time, it will become a nice part of your workout, letting you relax and rest after a challenging training. It is also said that stretching improves flexibility and balance out the muscles’ structure.

Both warm-up and stretching are obligatory elements of each workout. Thanks to them, you will avoid dangerous injuries that can result in severe restriction of movement and the inability to do any activity. Also keep in mind that it is better to train regularly rather than just one month before going on holiday.

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