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You don’t work out? It’s like being on a high-fat diet!

You don’t work out? It’s like being on a high-fat diet!

Most of people think it is way easier to keep up even with a strict diet than to work out on a daily basis mainly because it is harder due to the lack of time or just because of laziness. If we don’t combine those two elements of effective weight losing, the effect might be a slightly different or just anticipated in time. Why? Obviously, we are not the only ones to be bothered by this question. The Japanese scientists also decided to discover the truth.

Why is it so hard for us to lose weight, even though we are on strict diets?

During the research conducted in 2014, the obesity has been observed in both for mice being on high fat diets and those physically inactive. On the other hand, the mice consuming fat-rich products and exercising at the same time were not gaining on weight.

Although it is known that exercise is effective in preventing obesity, optimal exercise time has not yet been determined. For that reason, the researchers decided to also set an optimal time for eating and physical activity to prevent progressive weight gain. As a result, it was found that on a high fat diet, the weight gain was significantly reduced when combined with evening exercises and moderately depressed with training in the midday hours compared to the morning activity.

These results suggest that eating in the morning or at noon in conjunction with evening exercises is much more effective than morning workout and then eating at noon or evening. A group of mice fed in the morning had less body weight than the fed group in the evening.

The last step in the experiment was to investigate the interactions between meals and time of exercise. It turned out that the mice that were fed before exercise had lower body mass and fat mass and greater body mass compared to the mice who ate after exercise. These results show that the combination of regular eating and exercise can affect weight gain or the contrary can contribute to the loss of excess kilograms. If you can improve your fitness and well-being, why should you not try on yourself if this research conducted on mice have the same effect on human body?

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