Your guide to losing weight

Top tips for toning up

Top tips for toning up

If like me you struggle with exercise and healthy eating it’s hard to try and keep motivated and on your fitness plan. Nights out, parties, and holidays can mean your programme goes out the window as you munch on pizza and pina coladas. Let’s look at other ways we can battle the bulge and tone up without sacrificing too much.

Cut the calories

Cutting your calorie intake by only 200 per day can make a big impression on your diet. Aim for low-fat high protein foods to gain lean muscle and a toned appearance. Try using food tracking apps such as My Fitness Pal which can illustrate your carbohydrate, protein and fat intake daily – it’s a good way to make you realise how much or how little you are eating each day. Weigh in weekly, add pictures to track your progress and download tasty recipes for inspiration. There are many recipes books and websites where you can find tasty recipes that will help you keep within your calorie range. Smoothies and slimming milkshakes can act as meal replacements for a lunch or dinner.   If you wish to achieve a substantial weight loss consult your doctor or a professional for expert advice.

Use weights

You don’t need an expensive gym pass for this one. Use household items such as tins of beans or try buying some second-hand kettle bell weights. Whatever you use, simple exercises each night can flatten abs, tone arms and take inches off your hips. You can easily download a programme or techniques from Instagram or Pinterest to follow – try and switch it up to something different each week though to keep different muscle groups working. Five exercises done in 3-4 repetitions 4 times a week can sculpt your body. The heavier the weight the more resistance your body has to put out, therefore, achieving quicker results. Don’t forget to fuel your body before and after your at-home workout – help muscles recover quicker with a protein shake and low-calorie snack such as rice cakes loaded with a scraping of peanut butter.

Book a fat reducing treatment

It’s the quick and easy way to get rid of fat fast and can be beneficial if you have a special occasion coming up. You won’t need to take a long time off work but depending on what area you want to target or if it’s an all over reduction you would like, carefully research reputable clinics. For example, new to the market is BodyTite™ from London’s Snowberry Lane clinic. This procedure effectively reduces surplus fat using advanced technology and is available for all ages and male and females. This non-evasive procedure is expertly done under local anaesthetic. Skin can be left feeling much tighter and less saggy after treatment, contouring the body and showing off your shape. This treatment is suitable for a number of areas on the body including hips, abdomen, upper arms and tricky areas that bother everyone – knees, back and thighs.



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