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Can Weight Gain Affect Your Physical Health?

Obesity and the number of overweight people is increasing rapidly throughout society. Western cultures are heavier than they have ever been. With food so easily accessible to us and regulations of what goes in our food lessening more and more, it is no wonder our fast-paced, always in a hurry society are choosing the microwave dinner over a freshly cooked meal.

Unfortunately, the negative impact the modern-day diet and weight gain is having on us is reaching new heights and can even at times, be fatal. So, can weight gain affect your physical health? The answer is yes, weight gain does not only affect our physical appearance but what can happen on the inside is horrifying.


By becoming overweight you are increasing your chances of developing diabetes. Most people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese and the number of people developing the condition has significantly increased in recent years. If left untreated, diabetes can lead to blindness, leg amputations, kidney failure and even death. Diabetes can often be preventable with a balanced diet and weight control.

Heart Disease and Stroke

One of the leading causes of heart disease or stroke is weight related. Carrying excess weight can result in high blood pressure and high cholesterol which may result in heart problems. Blood pressure may increase due to excess body fat as your heart must work harder to pump blood around your body. This is also the same for high cholesterol and high blood sugar which are also related to the heart working overtime. These conditions can also cause strokes which are caused when the flow of blood to the brain stops, causing the brain cells to die.

By losing weight you can reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and sugar levels which may all be life-threatening conditions for many overweight people.

Joint Problems

Being overweight can also affect your musculoskeletal health. Carrying excess weight puts pressure on bones and joints such as the back and knees which can cause permanent damage. Osteoarthritis – a health problem that causes joint pain and stiffness is often related to obesity. It affects the joints in the hands, hips, knees and lower back. Extra weight applies pressure to the joints causing them to wear away as well as high blood levels causing inflammation. Many overweight people end up needing to undergo surgeries such as hip replacements or back operations. In addition to surgery, recovery time can be a lengthy and inconvenient process. Total knee replacement physiotherapy by Circle Health is offered to ensure the chance of successful recoveries after knee surgeries or any similar procedures.

Overall, maintaining a healthy weight is vital in leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle while decreasing your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease and joint problems. By following a stable diet and if possible, frequent exercise you may be able to lose or maintain your weight allowing you to live a fulfilling and vigorous life. If you or anyone you know if struggling to loose weight in a healthy manner Newbridge House offers tons of online help and advice that maybe very useful.

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