Coolsculpting In a Nutshell

As we progress through life we can expect to enjoy the advantages that growing in age can provide us: wisdom, knowledge, a higher salary and better job security (hopefully). However, the Yin to this Yang that certainly irks many people is the deceleration of our metabolism.

Like a splinter in your flesh, your inability to shift those last few stubborn pounds – despite all the hard work that you’ve put in – only leads to a wave of frustration and a will to give up.
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Can Weight Gain Can Affect your Physical Health?

Obesity and the number of overweight people is increasing rapidly throughout society. Western cultures are heavier than they have ever been. With food so easily accessible to us and regulations of what goes in our food lessening more and more, it is no wonder our fast-paced, always in a hurry society are choosing the microwave dinner over a freshly cooked meal.

Unfortunately, the negative impact the modern-day diet and weight gain is having on us is reaching new heights and can even at times, be fatal. So, can weight gain affect your physical health? The answer is yes, weight gain does not only affect our physical appearance but what can happen on the inside is horrifying.

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Eight tips to losing weight

Losing body fat isn’t easy, it never has been and never will be and anyone who says otherwise is probably trying to pull a fast one over you. Don’t  believe them! losing fat only comes with commitment, hard work and lots of sweat! If your goal is to lose those last ten pounds or lose 40 you’re going to need to put in the work.

So here are the most effective methods of fat loss. The folowing methods can be used together or can be done separately. You can choose what one suits you. 

1: Start with easy workouts!

If you’re fairly overweight start with low intensity cardio and weight training. Don’t put too much stress on your joints and muscles. Ease yourself into it and gradually increase the intensity.

2: Clean up your diet

Theres no need to go in there and stop all the bad stuff straight away. Ease yourself into it. Too much of the wrong kind of fat can make you gain fat. So cut back on bad fats like trans fats that are found in snacks and baked goods. Good fats are things like olive oil, almonds, avocados etc have a fat burning effect so try to get as much of them as you can.


Other than keeping things fun, mixing up your cardio is great. There’s loads of types of cardio you can do like walking, cycling, swimming, boxing, skipping, hiit training, dancing and more! These prevent you getting bored and will work your body in different ways.


This is an interesting one but always be careful. Working out before breakfast (Fasted cardio) is a really popular way of losing body fat. The idea is you’ve used your glycogen stores overnight so your body will turn to using stored fat as fuel.


HIIT (High intensity interval training) is an advanced form of aerobics designed to strip body fat at a faster rate.

HIIT training is designed to burn body fat at a much faster rate. It’s tough but its an extremely effective way for people to lose fat.

So in Hit training you alternate periods of high and low intensity instead of working out at the same pace. So you would do like 2 minutes of jogging then sprint for 30 seconds.


Stagger your food intake. If you were to say eat 1000 calories for two days and then follow it by three days of lower calorie intake you might see a benefit. Your body will hold onto fat after a period of low calories so once you raise them your metabolic rate will burn more fat. However keep in mind the higher intake days arent an open invitation to stuff your face with chocolate or crisps. Keep things clean and healthy. This tactic works better for those trying to lose that last 10 pounds.



Drinking water can make sure you lose as much fat as quick as you can. The burning fat process requires water to work properly. So if you’re overweight or live somewhere thats got warm weather you will need to drink even more.


Weight training is one of the best activities for losing weight. It doesn’t directly burn more fat than cardio but it will add and build muscle. Muscle burns fat 24 hours a day so the more muscle you have the better chances you have of losing body fat.

8: Other weight Methods

Things like Coolsculpting are an excellent way of redefining your silhouette and they’re really popular these days. The Cranley Clinic has two Coolsculpting machines available. The procedure known as ‘cryolipolysis’ will target, cool and remove fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.


Some of the tips above will be more effective for someone just starting out and some of them are great for those looking to refine their bodies further. However all of them can be followed at some stage.

Five Men’s Health Issues We Don’t Want To Talk About

No matter what age we are, we all experience certain health issues that we may find awkward to discuss with other people. However, it is incredibly important to confide in a professional if you have any concerns regarding your health or wellbeing to avoid further complications. Don’t be ashamed of what may be going on with your body as you will quickly realize that you are not the only one going through the same issue.

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